Announcing our new partnership with F.L. Bone

Engel Fires are excited to announce our new partnership with one of New Zealand’s most respected and enduring names.

F.L. Bone have been in business for over one hundred thirty years, bringing quality, reliability, and exceptional craftsmanship into Kiwi homes.

This new alliance will continue that proud tradition, while at the same time opening doors to fresh and dynamic ideas and designs.

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Over a century of quality and experience

Founded in 1885 when New Zealand itself was still a fledgling nation, F.L. Bone began in general hardware, but soon expanded to meet the needs of their customers.

Today they are proud to be known as the nation’s leading specialists in architectural hardware.

The family-run company continues its tradition of paying attention to detail, and understanding the importance of craftsmanship which stands the test of time.

The allusive trifecta of beautiful design, modern technology, and trusted, quality brands are the ingredients which make the perfect product, and only hardware which meets this high standard makes it onto the F.L. Bone shop floor.

A match made in heaven

With over a century of experience, F.L. Bone have learned the importance of quality, and which brands make products that are worth investing in. Engel Fires are one of those brands.

From their humble beginnings in Hastings four generations ago, F.L. Bone now handpick the very best products from around the world and offer them exclusively to New Zealand homes.

They are the sole distributor of the iconic British kitchen range AGA, as well as the only business in New Zealand to offer the state-of-the-art Viking cookers from the United States, and the exceptional La Cornue ovens from France.

As a trusted and reliable importer and reseller of superior cooking equipment and exceptional fireplaces, our unique cooker was the perfect combination of both.

The marriage of a high-quality, multi-functional cooker, along with a beautiful architectural piece for your home, make the Engel Fire the perfect addition to the F. L. Bone catalogue.


Be a part of our story

F.L. Bone provide the ingredients with which to create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Quality and service is at the heart of the F.L. Bone business. It’s what their customers expect, and it drives how they choose their products and build their range.

Their products are chosen not just because they are beautiful and practical, but also because of the pleasure they can give to their customers.

The Engel Fire is the latest addition to the F.L. Bone inventory, and like all the products that they offer, is the perfect addition to any Kiwi home.

If you’re interested in an Engel Fire for your home, feel free to pop into one of F.L. Bone’s showrooms in either Hastings, Queenstown or Auckland and have a look for yourself.

The Hastings head office and showroom are located at 208 Eastbourne St East, the Queenstown showroom on 54 Gorge Road, and the Auckland showroom is located in Newmarket, 14 Morrow Street.

We are excited that our incredible cookers will be on display in showrooms across the country, and it’s an honour to be associated with such an established and reputable company as F.L. Bone.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about the Engel Fire, or have any questions at all.


Jude Engel