char grill and bbq

There's nothing us Kiwis like more than a barbecue (except maybe Rugby).

Nothing beats the barbecuing experience. There's something about watching the food cook right in front of your eyes that gives us a special connection to our meal.

The American "pitmaster" style of barbecuing has become popular recently here in Aotearoa, and the Engel Fire is ideal for it. You can slow cook your Texan style spare ribs or brisket at a low heat and wow your guests with pro results.

Large enough for even the biggest family gathering, the char grill sears and cooks to perfection, delivering a smokey, wood-fired flavour. No longer will you have to do your steaks in batches. This grill is big enough to satisfy a crowd.

The Engel Fire is easy to use, switching from open fire to oven to barbecue with ease. You can cook directly over coals, or roll the fire basket back for some indirect heat for slower cooking or for keeping food warm.

And of course, there's nothing you can't make on the barbie! Fish, steaks, lamb, pork, skewers, grilled veges... all cooked to perfection with a flame grilled flavour. The Engel fire is quite simply the ultimate barbecue experience.

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