Discover the Engel Fire

The Engel Fire was born out of a need to simplify your outdoor entertaining experience. You might want to grill one night, make pizzas the next, rotisserie a couple of chickens for a group, smoke some freshly caught Kahawai or slow-cook a leg of lamb. And you want that amazing smokey, succulent finish that only a wood fire can bring. Up until now, that meant you had to own a barbecue, a smoker, a wood fired pizza oven and maybe even a char grill as well. 

Carl Engel was also frustrated with rolling out a different cooker for every meal. Fortunately, Carl is a precision engineer so he decided to invent something that not only did it all, but was engineering perfection that would last a lifetime. So, the Engel Fire was created with lovers of great food and outdoor lifestyle in mind.



Outdoor wood fires

You can transform your outdoor living experience with an Engel Fire. There is nothing quite like the enjoyment you and your family or friends will get from sitting around an outdoor open fire after a meal. And this means that your outdoor area can now be used throughout the year. 

You can cook on it first then throw on a couple of logs to enjoy the rest of the evening. The Engel Fire will become your entertainment focal point.



Char Grill and bbq

There is nothing quite like food served straight off a wood fired barbecue grill. Not only does it taste delicious but the grilling process is so much better for your health. Imagine serving up perfect steaks, cooked to perfection with that slightly smokey finish that can't be replicated on a gas barbecue.

Or you can grill a range of seasonal vegetables, field mushrooms and corn. Or maybe you want to cook venison or lamb cutlets to perfection? You can do it all on an Engel Fire.

Engel Fire with Flame-web2.jpg


Wood fired Oven

A wood fired oven can do anything that a standard oven can do but the results are poles apart. Slow cook your pork belly, leg of lamb or beef fillet and then add a dish with your vegetables.

Close the doors and let the Engel Fire do its thing. The results are spectacular - the Engel Fire makes every bite an experience. Don't take our word for it - once you have tried the wood fired taste it will be very difficult to ever cook in your kitchen again.



Wood fired Smoker

The Engel Fire gives you a multitude of options for smoking food. You can smoke your freshly caught fish like an expert flavoured with your choice of wood chips. Or you can smoke ribs or brisket like a Texas BBQ joint. And there are many other smoking options depending on the cut of meat, chicken or fish and how hot or cool you want the smoker to be. 



Wood fired Pizza Oven

There is nothing quite like a perfectly executed wood fired pizza. And the Engel Fire delivers perfect pizzas time after time. You can even cook up to four pizzas at once! We supply the wood fired taste and the perfect heat - all you have to supply is a good pizza base and your choice of delicious ingredients. 

Or try brushing a base with garlic, a good quality extra virgin olive oil, herbs and crunchy sea salt. See how well this goes with pre-dinner drinks!



Wood fired rotisserie

A wood fired rotisserie delivers exceptional results. When you want every mouthful to be an "aaahhh" moment use the Engel Fire rotisserie. The aromas coming from your rotisserie chickens, pork, lamb or beef will have everyone salivating. 

Perfectly cooked with the right combination of crispy on the outside and moist and succulent inside turns your meal into an event to remember.