Standard dimensions for the base

Width 1700mm
Depth 900mm
Height 700mm

Fire Box

Width 1150mm
Depth 750mm
Height 725mm

Height from base of fire box to top of chimney

Height 2788mm
Based on 1.8 metre chimney, 2.4 metre chimney can be supplied on request



Lifetime guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and workmanship of our fires that we offer an unprecedented lifetime guarantee.

Only the best stainless steel and brass is used so even if your property is coastal you can have peace of mind that your fire won't deteriorate.


Many of the Engel Fire parts are created on a CNC machine (Computer Numeric Control).

This means the measurements are accurate to within 100th of a mm. 

This is an important part of our quality control process and it helps us to be the best fire on the market.

Ease of use

Every function of the Engel Fire is easy to access and switching from one cooking method to another is a simple, seamless process.

From lighting the fire to moving the embers to the front or back to bringing the grill forward to adding the rotisserie we like to think we have thought of everything.




The Engel Fire is not only highly functional as an outdoor fire or through a range of cooking methods, it is also a beautiful piece of equipment.

It will enhance your outdoor area whether you are using it at the time or not.


Another huge bonus is that you can mount the Engel Fire on a platform with wheels.

This allows you to move the fire to where you are enjoying yourself. Most large outdoor fires can only be used where they have been installed.


You can choose to have Engel cut into your grill or you can order your fire with your own words, phrase or name.

This is one of those little touches that truly make the Engel Fire all yours. Let us know your preference when you order.