Wood fired rotisserie

Just when you think the Engel Fire can't do any more, we added a rotisserie to the design!

This is the ultimate in home lifestyle cooking - a full, wood fired, rotating rotisserie, large enough to cook several chickens at the same time.

The electric motor turns the meat at a steady pace, allowing it to cook through evenly, while the stainless steel skewers wipe clean afterwards with little hassle. 

Underneath lies a drip tray you can drain the fat away, or even better, use it to cook vegetables in. The tray comes out along with the skewer, allowing you to move the food to the kitchen or tables without having to worry about juices spilling everywhere.

Because of the size of the Engel Fire, the rotisserie has plenty of room for a slab of meat, several chickens, or even a Christmas turkey.

You can have it all with the incredible Engel Fire!

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