Wood fired smoker

There's a unique cooking style and flavour that only a barbecue can bring to your food - a smoker. The Engel Fire allows you to smoke food at a range of temperatures. So you can use it as a classic Kiwi smoker to smoke kahawai, snapper or kingfish to perfection.

Or you can smoke salmon fillets, chicken or cheese with your choice of smoking chips.

The Engel Fire allows you to smoke food like a professional Pitmaster, whether you're cold-smoking of hot-smoking. With a smoker, the food is cooked at a lower temperature, making it more juicy and allowing it to fall off the bone. The smokey taste brings an extra element to a meal, one that is instantly recognisable and unforgettable.

Cooking in this style becomes an all day event you will look forward to.

The wood you burn impacts the flavour of your food. Manuka is always good but try cherry, apple or hickory and see the difference it makes to flavour. Avoid sappy woods like pine as they can give food a slightly bitter taste. 

From spare ribs and brisket, to kahawai and salmon, pork belly to chicken, cheese to vegetables, the Engel Fire is the perfect smoker for your budding Masterchef.