Outdoor Wood Fired Cooker and BBQ New Zealand


Carl Engel is a Precision Engineer who has a passion for great food and the Kiwi outdoor lifestyle. He couldn't find an outdoor cooker and fireplace that did everything he wanted it to do. So he invented one!

In recent years, Kiwis have embraced the outdoor lifestyle.

And with this, we have gone through a succession of BBQs, smokers, grills, pizza ovens, braziers, and outdoor fireplaces. 

We have used gas bottles, methylated spirits,  manuka chips, charcoal, heat beads and much more.

But, in the end, nothing comes close to wood fired cooking. 

Carl Engel wanted a fire that could do a spectacular job of cooking meats, fish, poultry, vegetables or anything he wanted to throw at it.

He wanted an outdoor fire, a BBQ grill, a wood fired oven, a smoker, a pizza oven, a rotisserie, and he wanted it to be a stunning piece of furniture for any outdoor living space.

The process began. Several prototypes later and Carl had a fire that he felt was far superior to anything else on the market.

It was simple to use, very flexible, extremely durable and now had a long history of testing and modification behind it. We believe that once you see and try out an Engel Fire you will want nothing else.

Imagine the possibilities? This beauty can cook four pizzas in around three minutes. The grill is big enough to satisfy any crowd you have around. The rotisserie will do several chickens at once!

Imagine how succulent your slow cooked Texan style spare ribs will be? Or your melt-in-the-mouth pork belly with crackling? Or your perfectly seared steaks and seafood. Or gourmet pizzas. Or freshly baked bread...

Salivating now...



WHY CHOOSE Engel Fires

Engel Fires are 100% built in New Zealand with only the finest of materials. High quality stainless steel and brass allows us to offer you a lifetime guarantee.

Imagine that? How many things these days are built to last a lifetime? 

We use a unique engineering approach with a CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) that cuts our Engel Fire parts to an accuracy of 100th of a millimetre. Now, that's precision.

Add a real talking point to your home. The Engel Fire is a beautiful piece but it also offers exceptional food experiences for the home cook or professional. A special feature is that you can get a name of your choice cut into the front of the grill. So, you can have your family name or a property name or whatever you want to personalise your fire!

Celebrity Chef, Michael Van de Elzen loved the Engel Fire so much, he offered to become an ambassador for Engel Fires. Keep your eye on our blog as Michael will be sharing recipes especially created for Engel Fires owners.

Those of you who were lucky enough to try some of Michael's delicious creations at Field Days this year will know why we are very excited about his involvement.

Celebrity Chef, Michael Van de Elzen with his Premium Outdoor Cooker the Engel Fire

Celebrity Chef, Michael Van de Elzen with his Premium Outdoor Cooker the Engel Fire