The Engel Fire was born out of a need to simplify your outdoor entertaining experience. You might want to grill one night, make pizzas the next, rotisserie a couple of chickens for a group, smoke some freshly caught Kahawai or slow-cook a leg of lamb. And you want that amazing smokey, succulent finish that only a wood fire can bring. Up until now, that meant you had to own a barbecue, a smoker, a wood fired pizza oven and maybe even a char grill as well.

Carl Engel was also frustrated with rolling out a different cooker for every meal. Fortunately, Carl is a precision engineer so he decided to invent something that not only did it all, but was engineering perfection that would last a lifetime. So, the Engel Fire was created with lovers of great food and outdoor lifestyle in mind.



outdoor wood fire

You can transform your outdoor living experience with an Engel Fire. There is nothing quite like the enjoyment you and your family or friends will get from sitting around an outdoor open fire after a meal. This means that your outdoor area can now be used at any time of year.

You can cook on it first then throw on a couple of logs to enjoy the rest of the evening. The Engel Fire will become your entertainment focal point.

One of the few things that hasn't changed in a hundred thousand years is our love of sitting around an open fire. There is something so satisfying, so primordial, about watching flames that it's hard to put into words.

Fires have been the focal point of entertainment, meals, warmth and security for millennia, and nothing about that has changed. The Engel Fire not only cooks whichever way you require, but afterwards turns into a beautiful, roaring log fire, perfect for relaxing after your meal with a nice glass of wine.

With its hand-build craftsmanship, precision engineered design, and high-quality building materials, the Engel fire comes with a lifetime guarantee, so no matter how many fires you have burning away, you'll always have the satisfaction of knowing this remarkable piece of New Zealand-made equipment will stand the test of time.



Char Grill and BBQ

There is nothing like food served straight off a wood fired barbecue grill. Not only does it taste delicious but the grilling process is so much better for your health. Imagine serving up perfect steaks, cooked to perfection with that slightly smokey finish that can't be replicated on a gas barbecue.

Or you can grill a range of seasonal vegetables, field mushrooms and corn. Or maybe you want to cook venison or lamb cutlets to perfection? You can do it all on an Engel Fire.

There's nothing us Kiwis like more than a barbecue (except maybe Rugby). Nothing beats the barbecuing experience. There's something about watching the food cook right in front of your eyes that gives us a special connection to our meal.

The American "pitmaster" style of barbecuing has become popular recently here in Aotearoa, and the Engel Fire is perfect for it. You can slow cook your Texan style spare ribs or brisket at a low heat and wow your guests with pro results.

Large enough for even the biggest family gathering, the char grill sears and cooks to perfection, delivering a smokey, wood-fired flavour. No longer will you have to do your steaks in batches. This grill is big enough to satisfy a crowd.

The Engel Fire is easy to use, switching from open fire, to oven, to a barbecue with ease. You can cook directly over coals, or roll the fire basket back for some indirect heat for slower cooking or keeping food warm.

The Engel fire is quite simply the ultimate barbecue experience.



Wood fired oven

A wood fired oven can do anything that a standard oven can do but the results are poles apart. Slow cook your pork belly, leg of lamb or beef fillet and then add a dish with your vegetables.

Close the doors and let the Engel Fire do its thing. The results are spectacular - the Engel Fire makes every bite an experience. Don't take our word for it - once you have tried the wood fired taste it will be very difficult to ever cook in your kitchen again.

No cooker would be complete without an oven, and the Engel wood fire oven is every Chef's dream.

Not only does it do everything a regular oven does, but the result is this delicious, smokey, wood-fired taste, harking back to camp fires and traditional cooking.

No wonder many of the best restaurant kitchens in the world have added commercial versions of the wood fired oven and grill to their cooking equipment. The flavours and aromas from wood fired cooking are impossible to replicate.

Because of the size of the Engel Fire, you can fit a lot more in than you would in your typical kitchen oven. There's plenty of room even with the door closed for an entire leg of lamb, pork belly, whole fish, or even a large turkey for Christmas dinner.



Wood fired smoking

The Engel Fire gives you a multitude of options for smoking food. You can smoke your freshly caught fish like an expert flavoured with your choice of wood chips. Or you can smoke ribs or brisket like a Texas BBQ joint. And there are many other smoking options depending on the cut of meat, chicken or fish and how hot or cool you want the smoker to be.

There's a unique cooking style and flavour that only a barbecue can bring to your food - a smoker. The Engel Fire allows you to smoke food at a range of temperatures. So you can use it as a classic Kiwi smoker to smoke kahawai, snapper or kingfish to perfection. Or you can smoke salmon fillets, chicken or cheese with your choice of smoking chips.

The Engel Fire allows you to smoke food like a professional Pitmaster, whether you're cold-smoking or hot-smoking. With a smoker, the food is cooked at a lower temperature, making it more juicy and allowing it to fall off the bone. The smokey taste brings an extra element to a meal, one that is instantly recognisable and unforgettable. Cooking in this style becomes an all day event you will look forward to.

The wood you burn impacts the flavour of your food. Manuka is always good but try cherry, apple or hickory and see the difference it makes to flavour. Avoid sappy woods like pine as they can give food a slightly bitter taste. 

From spare ribs and brisket, to kahawai and salmon, pork belly to chicken, cheese to vegetables, the Engel Fire is the perfect smoker for your budding Masterchef.



Wood fired pizza oven

There's only one way to make a proper pizza, and that's in a wood fired pizza oven! 

As well as being a barbecue, oven, smoker and open fire, the Engel Fire also has special pizza stones to cook on.

There is nothing like a perfectly executed wood fired pizza and the Engel Fire delivers perfect pizzas time after time. Because of the size, shape and design of the Engel Fire, you can cook up to 4 large pizzas at the same time, and all in around 3-4 minutes!

We supply the wood fired taste and the perfect heat - all you have to supply is a good pizza base and your choice of delicious ingredients. Try brushing a base with garlic, a good quality extra virgin olive oil, herbs and crunchy sea salt. See how well this goes with pre-dinner drinks!

Gourmet sourdough pizza, with a delicious, smokey wood-fired taste and blistered finish, just like the professionals, and all from the comfort of your home.

Imagine the possibilities... mozzarella, pancetta, anchovies, olives, mushrooms, salami, oregano, basil, your favourite extra virgin olive oils, seafood, slow cooked lamb... you are only limited by your imagination.

Or you can easily cook delicious Turkish bread, focaccia, or any other type of flat bread you want to cook to perfection. 




A wood fired rotisserie delivers exceptional results. When you want every mouthful to be an "aaahhh" moment, use the Engel Fire rotisserie. The aromas coming from your rotisserie chickens, pork, lamb or beef will have everyone salivating. 

Perfectly cooked with the right combination of crispy on the outside and moist and succulent inside turns your meal into an event to remember.

Just when you think the Engel Fire can't do any more, we added a rotisserie to the design!

This is the ultimate in home lifestyle cooking - a full, wood fired, rotating rotisserie, large enough to cook several chickens at the same time.

The electric motor turns the meat at a steady pace, allowing it to cook through evenly, while the stainless steel skewers wipe clean afterwards with little hassle. 

Underneath lies a drip tray you can drain the fat away, or even better, use it to cook vegetables in. The tray comes out along with the skewer, allowing you to move the food to the kitchen or tables without having to worry about juices spilling everywhere.

Because of the size of the Engel Fire, the rotisserie has plenty of room for a slab of meat, several chickens, or even a Christmas turkey.

You can have it all with the incredible Engel Fire!



Lifetime guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and workmanship of our fires that we offer an unprecedented lifetime guarantee.

Only the best stainless steel and brass is used so even if your property is coastal you can have peace of mind that your fire won't deteriorate.


Many of the Engel Fire parts are created on a CNC machine (Computer Numeric Control).

This means the measurements are accurate to within 100th of a mm. 

This is an important part of our quality control process and it helps us to be the best fire on the market.

Ease of use

Every function of the Engel Fire is easy to access and switching from one cooking method to another is a simple, seamless process.

From lighting the fire to moving the embers to the front or back to bringing the grill forward to adding the rotisserie we like to think we have thought of everything.


The Engel Fire is not only highly functional as an outdoor fire or through a range of cooking methods, it is also a beautiful piece of equipment.

It will enhance your outdoor area whether you are using it at the time or not.


Another huge bonus is that you can mount the Engel Fire on a platform with wheels.

This allows you to move the fire to where you are enjoying yourself. Most large outdoor fires can only be used where they have been installed.


You can choose to have Engel cut into your grill or you can order your fire with your own words, phrase or name.

This is one of those little touches that truly make the Engel Fire all yours. Let us know your preference when you order.